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In addititon to exhibitor’s stand presentations Zukunft Personal Hungary offers an extensive lecture programme. The lectures, panel discussions and practical presentations are tailored to beginners, advanced and expert visitors’ needs.    Zukunft Personal Hungary offers a conference programme of approximately 36 lectures in four presentation areas - the "Practical Forums".

These forums are located within the exhibition halls as open communication and presentation areas, to make sure visitors can easily access the seminars from the exhibitors' stands.

To present your lecture provides you the chance to introduce you and your product in a direct and fascinating way to the partners and HR visitors. We highlight and promote these lectures in our publications too.

Under one condition you can book immediately: to reserve a stand min. 9m².

Best Practice presentation

As the name refers, these lectures about finished or ongoing projects, that are presented as best practice. The audience can be informed in many point of view, since also the client and the service providers can talk abuot their experiences. 

Corporate Health Forum

In 2015, Corporate Health for the first time was an advantaged theme on the Zukunft Personal Hungary. On this forum all the companies has the opportunity to present themselves, that operate on this field and they would like to highlight their products.

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