Dear Customer,

we have been organising the Zukunft Personal Hungary for 16 years, so it has earnd the reputation to be a really popular meetingpont for proffessionals. For almost a decade and a half we are present in Hungary as the largest professional exhibiton for human resources and we intend to support the development of the professional fields according to the needs of the exhibitors and visitors in times to come. The prior aim of our exhibition is to invite all the professional visitors, decison-makers and service providers of the HR for a conversation once a year at this specific place.

The secret of our event is the ability to renew itself, adaptating to the new trends and the retain of the old values at the same time. I have been the projektmanager of this exhibition for one and a half year and during this time it is in many aspect changed and renwed: this is the second year, that we have a  new location for the Zukunft Personal Hungary at  building B of the Millenáris Park. We have developed a lots of new possibilities, forms of cooperation and interaktive areas together with our new expert-team to find new and better ways to meet the needs of our partners. What has not changed: the focus on the sale, the eurpean niveau and the international environment. We offer excellent oportunities to evolve new business-contacts, intensive communikation between the market participiants and to share international experiences.

Now as the projektmanager of the Zukunft Personal Hungary, previously as an exhibitor I have experienced, that the Zukunft Personal Hungary is not only an exhibition, but also a community, professional forum, a place to experince good-fellowship and an innovational platform too. It offers for the dedicated professionls not only knowledge, but personal development too, and the partnerships, that were here established facilitate the great success of many firms. To take part means job, devotion and to fill-up at the same time. At our event you can meet and discuss your ideas with executives, HR managers, decision-makers and you can also peresent your own products. Like the last few yers, we expect more, than 2000 professionals in these two days.

Please, learn our new website and be our guest as exhibitor or visitor on the 7-8th of Novemeber 2018. on the Zukunft Personal Hungary Exhibition for Human Resources!

Best reguards,
Gábor Német

Director | spring Messe Management GmbH


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